Sunday, January 22, 2006

One thing I really love

is the music of Rosanne Cash, and I am happy to see from Alan Light's article in the New York Times that she's got a new album called Black Cadillac being released this week. Mmmm... I think I am going to go and splurge on some CDs at Amazon.... One thing I sunk a bit of cash in recently was Prince - The Hits/The B-Sides which is excellent but which makes me want A LOT MORE. I had a huge collection of Prince tapes in the late 80s (many of them recorded for me by a very nice guy I worked with during a mainly quite awful summer that included some temp work at Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia) but of course they are long since rendered obsolete.


  1. I love that Prince collection! It's got so many gems.
    Did you work at the Urban Outfitters on 18th and Walnut Street by any chance? I used to work across the street at a bakery about 8 years ago. The guy who started Urban Outfitter is this conservative nut now.

  2. Yeah, it reminds you that Prince wrote a ridiculously huge number of ridiculously good songs...

    Yes, sort of, to the Urban Outfitters question; it was the offices (I was doing an extremely boring job involving filing invoices and payments from the retailers they distributed their own line of clothing to). I believe they have moved elsewhere now, though I really can't remember the details. But I think I know the bakery you're talking about!