Sunday, September 24, 2006

Amazing to me

that they still make guys like this (amazing in a good way), you would think Sir Ranulph Fiennes (the interview is by Nicole Jackson) was from a novel by Nicholas Blake (a.k.a. Cecil Day-Lewis) or Margery Allingham:

Supper is our biggest meal. Three times a week I have tinned tuna or sardines with granary bread, soaked in my personal salad dressing - 50 per cent olive oil, 50 per cent apple cider vinegar and some mixed herbs. And, much to Louise's disapproval, I like to have a dollop of mayonnaise as a finishing touch. Louise will make a big plate for me and a medium-sized plate for her. I can run it off, you see. I go for a big run every other day, usually about 16 miles. A couple of years ago I did my seven marathons in seven days. It was only four months after my heart attack and I nearly gave up in Singapore. I was in the ambulance and somebody brought in a mug of sweet tea and I suddenly felt better.

I used to have lots of tipples until Louise got hold of me. My favourite has always been Talisker malt whisky, which is funny as I ended up taking part in a trek arranged by them. That was wonderful as I was able to quaff Talisker and eat blue cheese and chocolate right under Louise's nose. I have to be careful with what I drink nowadays. Louise thinks even a moderate amount of red wine is too much. I disagree!


  1. Agreed...that was delightful.

  2. Be sure to read his The Feather Men, a true story about a rich Omani sheikh who hired hitmen to kill retired SAS veterans--including Fiennes.