Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fate and imaginary animals and running and being a teenager

are the subjects of Meg Rosoff's new novel Just In Case, it's somewhat indescribable (I guess I would call it a fable) but I liked it very much indeed. I was a tiny bit reminded of Francesca Lia Block (about whom Alice posted the other day), and I also had in my head John Cusack in Better Off Dead; it's got a very nice mix, though, of the real and the fantastic. Definitely recommended (and here was what I thought about her first novel).


  1. We may really differ on Rosoff. I did not like How I Live Now for a lot of reasons, mostly to do with its maudlin qualities and a problem with the retrospective voice, though there were some passages of excellent writing. This new one is on my nighttable but I'm already prejudiced by the cutesy Just in Case/Justin Case business. And I've thumbed through it and thought, oh no, here we go again, somebody else jumping on the time/chance/chaos bandwagon (as though I've not done it too!). If I want this sort of thing, I prefer to go to someone like Richard Powers. But now I reckon I ought to give it a fair trial.

  2. Sorry, the above comment was not meant to be anonymous!