Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Frontier vampire and Hawthorne noir

Toni Schlesinger at the Observer on the taste for American Gothic. Coincidentally I ran into Toni in the lobby of my building a few weeks ago, she was writing a piece about private libraries & looking at the one belonging to the distinguished and now deceased literary critic whose apartment's on the top floor here; by the time I went to find the piece, it was locked away behind a subscriber wall, so I cannot provide it here for your delectation. But this stuff she's doing for the Observer now is great!


  1. this has nothing to do with either Toni Schlesinger or American Gothic. Last night I read that Sigrid Nunez book "The Last of Her Kind" that you recommended in your Best of 2006 post. I couldn't stop sobbing as I read the last chapter. I cannot pinpoint exactly what caused this emotive fit. you were right--this book is fantastic: powerful, beautifully written, unforgettable. I woke up with swollen eyes and weeper's headache, but it was worth it.

    Thanks again for your recommendations. I would never have picked up this book without it, and would be headacheless

  2. I am so glad it moved you--I felt it was a quite extraordinary book, you remind me that I have been very much wanting to read her others (especially the one in the voice of a marmoset...).