Friday, March 23, 2007


is our topic, and the occasion is a Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism-sponsored panel discussion this coming Tuesday. Here's the lineup (hmm, I think that's alphabetical order! very tactful...):

Amanda Claybaugh, Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Nicholas Dames, Theodore Kahan Professor in the Humanities
Jenny Davidson, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
David Kurnick, Adjunct Lecturer in English and Comparative Literature

Tuesday March 27, 2007
8:00 PM
Altschul Auditorium 417 International Affairs Building

It's a huge room, so come if you can, if you're Columbia-affiliated or just vaguely interested & find yourself in the area. I have no idea what I'm going to talk about (but am toying with the idea of rereading parts of The Corrections and thinking a bit about moralizing/moralized style--I have to have a self-imposed ban on Austen since a number of the students involved with the journal either have taken my Austen seminar in the past or are currently enrolled in it), I think the discussion will be very interesting though. I am very proud of the students who put out the CJLC, every year it's a fantastic group; I've been the faculty advisor on and off since the journal was founded a few years ago, and it's a great pleasure.

I've got a million blog posts in my head but the other self-imposed ban is on any substantial blogging until I've properly finished and sent off my Austen essay, which is just taking longer than I thought to write; however it will be done shortly, back now to the editing...

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