Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Healthy Kidney 10K

Oh dear, I do not at all mean to make light of kidney disease which is a very serious thing & afflicts several people I know quite catastrophically, and yet there is something very funny about the name of this race! The weather was quite perfect after all, no rain to speak off and neither too cold nor too warm, and I am very pleased with my results: 54:10, for an 8:44 mile pace. It is my goal--I will just say it, no point superstitiously keeping it to myself--to get down to 8:00 pace for longish runs, i.e. so that I could race a half-marathon at 7:45-type pace or even a little below; this will take a lot of work, but seems definitely (of course, what do I know?!?) within my natural capabilities. People talk a lot about genetic limits for running, but it is also clear that most people never train in a way that will get them close to their limits; I am determined to extract every ounce of speed possible from my not particularly runnerly physique. And then my five-year goal is that the year I turn 40 I will qualify for the Boston Marathon--it is true that I will be one of the very slowest runners in that race, assuming I am so fortunate as to be able to train to qualify, and yet that really would be something to give one a sense of accomplishment...

(Although it is slightly absurd to say this on the basis of absolutely zero triathlon experience, I have a extraordinarily strong conviction that the half-Ironman race is going to be a perfect fit for me, I'm already totally in love with it.)


  1. I'm sure that your being in love with it is half the battle, Jenny. You are a pretty determined person once you set your mind on something, time has shown.

    Well done on the kidney run -- devilled, stoned or plain.

  2. Brava! I'm impressed. I was so satisfied with my 11;20 pace in the Newport 10K the other week. I just don't have the fire you do...

    ...if you ever want to run a really fun 15K, the Boilermaker up in Utica is pretty incredible.

    Congrats, Jenny!

  3. You know, it's funny, obviously I understand at the elite level it really is a matter of genetics & bodies and stuff, but it seems to me that at the middle level we're all operating at on this stuff it is almost PURELY a question of mind over matter! Like, insane determination and iron will will make you run a lot faster! Congratulations on yours too, that 10K length is a real & proper race & your pace is HIGHLY respectable! Good stuff! I will look into that Boilermaker...

  4. Jenny, thanks so much for stopping by my little blog -- and for your most encouraging comments.

    Now I'll be following your progression from 10K to marathon, from runner to triathlete!

    Incidentally, my brother's first tri was a half-ironman 2 years ago. Sometimes you just know the distance is a good fit!