Sunday, May 13, 2007

Promotional blogging?

Clive Thompson has an interesting piece at the Times magazine on the importance of blogging and e-mail for a new breed of musicians. Lots there that applies to authors, too; once I have time this summer I am going to make a Myspace page and start getting the hang of it, since I'm going to be a young-adult author & all I think I can't really count on having Light Reading be the main promotional blog! It is deeply non-promotional in any case, that's not going to change, don't worry...

I'm thinking, though, that what I'll need is a proper website of some sort (with a place for all the stuff I'm cutting out of the present draft!) and also a Myspace where I write a kind of weekly update with a notional audience of teenagers (not that I really see the difference between teenagers and grown-ups, pretty much the same thing as far as I'm concerned, but just with a less bookish and more Dynamite No. 1-centered emphasis).

I am excited about the idea of working with teenagers! Younger teenagers than I'm used to, I mean--I suppose technically many a Columbia undergraduate is still a teenager....


  1. 'It is deeply non-promotional in any case' *Looks right*

  2. Oh, yes, I see what you're saying! That sidebar is by now invisible to me! Ah well...

  3. As long as you don't start youtubing your life like John Green ... I refuse to buy a single one of his books any longer because of that alone (I think he's overrated, in any case).