Thursday, June 21, 2007

The middle strainer post

Patrick Anderson's review of Peter Temple's latest novel at the Washington Post basically takes the words out of my mouth. (Thanks to Sarah Weinman for the link.)

Here's the link to buy The Broken Shore from US Amazon--oh, dear, there is a funny Harriet Klausner review there, I should go and write one to counteract the impression it might leave...

You've got to read Temple if you haven't already, this guy is an extraordinary writer--I defy anyone not to read his books with (a) the avid attention and deep enjoyment elicited by the very best crime fiction and (b) the drooling envy that accompanies the experience of a truly great prose style (well, maybe if you are primarily a reader rather than a writer you can do it without the envy--but this is a kind of envy I particularly enjoy, so I highly recommend it...).

And here's the Amazon link for Bad Debts, the first novel in Temple's staggeringly good Jack Irish series. I am too lazy to link to all my previous posts on Temple, but here's the total list and here's my post from September 2005 on The Broken Shore.


  1. I just checked online and my local library system has all four of his books, even the new one, which is unbelievable. I can't wait to check these out. Thanks for the tip.

  2. That Harriet Klausner should be stopped - she's a menace. Talk about completely missing the rich descriptive prose that makes this book such an enjoyable reading experience.

  3. Yes, the Klausner review is peculiarly unapt, isn't it?!?