Thursday, June 14, 2007

The sports section

is really something I should read more regularly, I might have missed this article if my friend Jane had not kindly sent it my way: Kate Torgovnick in the Times on the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.

I can safely say that I'm never going to do that long a swim, but it's true that I've been checking out the Manhattan Island Foundation webpage and in fact (not coincidentally) I have a doctor's appointment later this afternoon whose main purpose is to get a tetanus booster shot so that when I'm up to speed for registering for one of their swims it doesn't hold things up...

(I also have to get certified for swimming a mile continuously without stopping in the pool, which seems to me certainly feasible but also something I have not yet done; must find a biddable lifeguard and get down to business on this one.)

They do some open-water swim clinics that I would like to get in on, only the information is not readily available on the website--hmmm, judging by last year's information, it looks like I only need to swim a certified half-mile to register for the entry-level one, that's convenient--we quite often do a timed 500-meter (500-yard?) swim at the clinic I've been taking, wouldn't take a lot of extra time to add on the additional lengths....

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