Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Flesh and bones

Jenny Davidson to Nico Muhly, 5:39:59am:

i have an irrationally strong need (possibly fostered by extreme lack of sleep, i have tipped over to getting up early but without being able to fall asleep early!) for a funny animal story for the blog; got anything to hand?!?


Nico Muhly to Jenny Davidson, 5:45:24am:

I can offer you first and foremost: http://www.cinema-organs.org.uk/ (especially http://www.cinema-organs.org.uk/ARTISTS/morgan.html, http://www.cinema-organs.org.uk/ARTISTS/gray.html and perhaps http://www.cinema-organs.org.uk/ARTISTS/chadwick.html).

In terms of funny ANIMAL stories, I have been reading these insane holiday best of lists in the guardian:

http://lifeandhealth.guardian.co.uk/food/story/0,,2211568,00.html (check out the NAMES of the stores!!!!)

the japanese have started whaling humpbacks again!

and in case you haven't seen it, this great thing about Bonobos ("flesh and bones") in the Times:




  1. Please don't forget to post the Light Reading best reading of 2007 this year. I know it's barely even Thanksgiving , but I'm already looking forward to it.