Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thor drugs you with soup

Alice on the game of pseudo-moo.

(BTW Steely Dan came up in a funny conversation the other day at the swimming pool. I was pestering for a logical explanation of the set--I can remember it really easily if I understand the pattern, and not at all if I don't. Some sets proceed through what I always think of as IM logic, in which you're working with the order of the strokes as they are sequenced in Individual Medley: butterfly, back, breast, free. Any set that involves the alternation of fly-free, back-free, breast-free can be easily slotted into some version of IM logic... But this time the strokes came in another order, and not just a reversed order either, let's say back breast fly though I can't remember the exact pattern, and I could not help myself asking though I know it is pestery what the logic was, since it did not seem to be IM logic! First the coach said, "Isn't it still IM logic?" Then when I still seemed pestery he looked at me very solemnly and said, "It's pretzel logic!" The three of us in the lane gazed on him with bemusement. "Do you know what pretzel logic is?" he said. "I can imagine, but I do not know," I admitted. "It's an album by Steely Dan!" I figured out that it was time to stop asking questions and start swimming!)


  1. Of course, back, breast, fly, free is also a medley order -- for the relay!!! ;-)

  2. I am deeply impressed with _pseudo-moo_ and its backstory.