Friday, May 23, 2008

A daily task

At the Guardian, Hilary Mantel has a very interesting piece (the occasion is the 30th anniversary of the Virago Modern Classics series) on what she did when she realized her draft of a novel about the French Revolution had no substantial female characters.

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  1. In light of Mantel's comments on not knowing about women's lives in the French Revolution, I wonder how many of the books on the syllabus for your class on Women, Politics, and the Novel in the 1790s were published as Virago Modern Classics. Susan Ferrier's Marriage was one of them because people had those distinctive green-spined copies from abebooks. A few years ago, I saw a whole box of them for sale at the Symphony Space book sale, and I still regret not taking it. Instead, I bought a single copy of Sarah Scott's Milennium Hall. I wish I knew which other eighteenth-century women novelists they published, but the author retrospective timeline on the Virago site starts at 1800.