Saturday, May 10, 2008

Syllabub in a martini glass

At the FT, Rosie Blau lunches with Sebastian Faulks. She seems to have found him rather unforthcoming, partly because of a press embargo on the forthcoming James Bond book Faulks has penned. I must read that--I am a great admirer of Faulks, and I grew up reading Ian Fleming, although I am ashamed to contemplate in adulthood the books' naked prejudices (this text is from the article's sidebar):
Initially a distraction (“They fogged things up with sex and hurt feelings and all the emotional baggage they carried around.”), Bond gradually warms to the prospect of female company.

In Quantum of Solace (1960), he says: “If I don’t marry an air hostess, there’ll be nothing for it but marry a Japanese. They seem to have the right idea, too.” And in Goldfinger (1958), he encounters Pussy Galore: “Bond liked the look of her. He felt the sexual challenge all beautiful Lesbians have for men.”

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