Sunday, April 19, 2009

Status updates

Sree Sreenivasan's tips for Twitter newbies.

(I am trying to sell myself on it - I finally signed up for an account last week, after deciding that it was foolish for me to dismiss it without having even tried it - I will give it a few months - but I think it is not for me. Not least because I don't text-message, either, or [really!] ever use my cellphone out of the house unless I absolutely have to - and I would think that a great part of the Twitter appeal is that it can be done from a mobile device. I think I do not have a great urge to update the world on my status!)


  1. I rather like it because I can never come up with enough stuff to say in a regular blog post, and this way I don't feel silly for keeping it short.

  2. I saw Sreenivasan give a talk about Facebook/Twitter at a meeting of the National Book Critics Circle last month. Much of the audience, inc. me, was bewildered. Facebook & Twitter gives me a funny feeling and I have an unjustified/inexplicable warriness of them. I am determined to be the last person to ever sign up for Twitter, unless it can become something more than "I'm buying a bagel now"...Looking forward to know what you think of it.