Monday, April 20, 2009

Wichita Kids

Even novel-reading can only do SO much to fend off end-of-semester end-of-tetheredness...

The last book I loved. (And Margaret Leroy's website is here.)

Other sustenance: Lauren Groff's The Monsters of Templeton (some of the voices ring truer than others, but it is a wonderfully good book, I very much look forward to reading her next one); Carol O'Connell's Crime School (I don't know how I missed this the first time round, I would have said I'd read all of her books - they are odd, but there is something irresistible about them, though I do not think that any of the Mallory books are as good as the standalone thriller The Judas Child); Harlan Coben's Hold Tight.


  1. I also enjoyed "The Monsters of Templeton" very much - particularly as I was in Cooperstown, NY in 2007. If you have ever visited that town, then you can see how effectively Groff nailed the setting.

    I also look forward to reading her short story collection. I think she's great.

  2. I will look out for the Darling Daughter (although I too would rather have the UK title) as it sounds great. My end of term reading treat was the new Sarah Waters novel, The Little Stranger - a very good haunted manor story.