Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Hidden Paw

At the Guardian, a very nice series of photographs documenting T. S. Eliot's career at Faber:
Faber Book News, detailing the story of Morgan, the Faber cat. 'One of the firm's directors, having a special affection for Morgan, who comforted him during the trying nights of fire-watching, offered to approach Morgan personally about his lives, and Morgan, with some show of affected diffidence, handed him the following a few days ago,' the newsletter runs. 'We were astonished to find the biographical note written in verse...'


  1. Wow. Gives new resonance to Stevens' "lean cats in the archways of churches" vis a vis, "X, the per-noble master."

    And yeah, Spender looks pretty drunk, but shouldn't Hughes have gotten a life and not said so? And what was Auden, stone sober?

  2. Did you notice Groucho Marx prominent among the pictures over the mantel in the last shot? Hanging out with Woolf, Yeats, and Barnes.