Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Dear Sir, Am I alone in thinking. . . .?"

Unpublished letters written to the Telegraph:
SIR – I find it intensely humiliating to be asked by airport security staff if I have packed my own bag. This forces one to admit, usually within earshot of others, that I no longer have a manservant to do the chore for me. Gentlemen should be able to answer such questions with a disdainful: "Of course not! Do I look like that sort of person?"

Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume, Guildford, Surrey


  1. This is priceless. Someone could write exquisite Wodehouse fan fiction based on this letter. "Jeeves Did Advise Me to Wear Loafers" could be volume one. "Jeeves and the Plastic Bin" volume 2. "No, Jeeves doesn't have a boaring pass!", volume 3.

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