Saturday, October 31, 2009

Speed reading

When I first got an invitation to participate in this event, I knew I had to be a part of it!

Sponsored by Cabinet Magazine, it's part of the Performa festival. Event description: "A 90-minute relay race of sorts, featuring 25-35 writers and artists who will take turns reading aloud short texts related to the theme of speed while running on three treadmills positioned side-by-side. The velocity of the treadmills will be controlled by the Speed Demon, the somewhat sadistic MC who will oversee the performance."

Saturday, Nov. 14 at 6pm at Definitions Gym, 19 Union Square West (at 15th St.) - note corrected time


  1. Did someone create that event especially for you?

  2. I'm putting my money on Davidson!

  3. Speed reading is not a difficult skill to learn. Most of the learning we do as adults is considered conceptual learning, that is quite different from developing a skill. Conceptual learning is mainly a process of developing an understanding of the subject which can be often done through listening or reading.

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