Monday, December 06, 2010

December resolutions

Non-momentous, but I've just written the first 1,109 words (I am typing straight onto the computer, contrary to my usual practice of drafting with pen or pencil on paper) of my new novel.

I am determined to claw back some sense of accomplishment out of the month of December; I am setting a very modest daily quota of 1,000 words, starting today, and I would like to return to New York on Jan. 5 with something on the order of a third of the book drafted.

If I could keep up the daily momentum and plough on forward with the draft (this will depend partly on how clearly I see the novel's through-line but also on the extent to which other things overwhelm me once I'm back 'in school,' including an essay for the Oxford Companion to the Novel on theater and eighteenth-century fiction - this one's due sometime in February, though I have conveniently forgotten exactly when - and the long-deferred revision of the little book on style), I could have a complete version of the story by the beginning of the summer, with a good chunk of time in July and August to revise it and get it ready to send out before the beginning of the school year?

Not at all certain about this (the whole thing might evaporate and turn out not to be worth executing in the first place!), but I think it is worth trying for....


  1. Did you start at the beginning (of the book and/or the plot)?

  2. Started with what appears to be an opening scene (of book), but have no idea what happens next, alas! I have always pursued a start-to-finish process, but I might have to jump around a bit for this one (or perhaps it will be more of a jumping-around kind of a novel?)...

  3. Interesting! Well you always have Euripides for the plot if it comes to that... good luck anyway, the project sounds very exciting.