Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"A Sentence is not emotional a paragraph is"

At the Independent, Jenny Landreth celebrates the joys of cold-water swimming.

Ed Park on the book-length sentence - and readers offer more examples.


  1. Putting this together with your "production of quota" posts one is left wondering how one-sentence novels are written. I suppose most of them are so heavily paratactic that you could write them in blocks and work a little on the seams afterwards. (I wonder what the longest non-compound sentence in English literature is...)

  2. One of those iconic writers (Hemingway?) claimed to always stop daily quota in the middle of a sentence, for ease of continuance - but really the human breath punctuates any sentence however long, writers come up for air...

  3. Your point about the inevitability of punctuation is consistent with something I've noticed about unpunctuated poems: all the good ones are written either in very short lines or with virtually no enjambment -- presumably because one _knows_ the reader will pause heavily for breath at the nearest available linebreak...