Friday, August 05, 2011

Light reading catch-up

I am finding it very enjoyable to be back at work on the style book: this is the book that I have waited my whole life to write! It should be done by the end of the month, although I might need a few library days to check some quotations and follow up a couple of last-minute thoughts; I will try not to let impatience get the better of me if that is the way things go.

My cold is mostly gone, only the lungs are still full of junk in a way that is problematic for exercise, and much nose-blowing seems to remain necessary. Otherwise feeling pretty much better; energy levels back to normal, which is probably the most important thing.

I read two books I wished I hadn't (seriously, these Amazon reviewers are clearly working on some sort of demented cost-to-quality ratio when it comes to assigning stars: the book can be only half as good as something else, but if it costs less than half as much, it will come out ahead!). Then I read a very beautifully written short book by Cody James, The Dead Beat; it is now lost in the mists of internet tabbage where I initially got the recommendation, but I thought it was very good, perhaps slightly reminiscent of Jesus' Son though probably only because of the subject matter. Conrad's The Secret Agent more than lived up to my memory of it: it is a minor but distinct work of genius! I found Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking trilogy well worth my while, only I wish that it were possible to purchase 'bundled' YA trilogies for Kindle at a discount, it does not seem cost-effective to purchase individual books that one races through at such a rate. Erin Celello's thoughtful debut novel Miracle Beach falls into a genre category that I don't often read, but I enjoyed it and it will repay attention by fans of Joshilyn Jackson and Sara Gruen: I found this one because several years ago I was very much a fan of Erin's triathlon blog!

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