Friday, December 16, 2011


Perfect play, perfect performance.  (Only I wish people would not cough so much in the quiet parts!)  Afterwards we took the subway from BAM to Chambers St. and had a beautiful dinner at Odeon.  (I had a pan-roasted cod special, with nicoise olives and tomatoes and soft-baked baby onions, then macerated berries with mascarpone for dessert - delicious.  The dessert list there is amazing: there are two lists, and I was mighty tempted to get a root-beer float in honor of a recent episode of Fringe although really that is the sort of sweet that is better on an empty stomach as a full-on snack.  I was hemming and hawing over whether to get the berries or the warm doughnuts with jam dipping sauce - I asked the waiter for his advice, he looked stymied and said he would eat both - dining companion G., with a wicked twinkle in his eye, said "Get both!"  Of course really it would be both unseemly and nutritionally unsound, but it is a beautiful idea that one could actually do that in a restaurant!)


  1. Someday you really must enjoy a good restaurant meal with my dad, as you record them so similarly that I want to now if you engage and enjoy them similarly! One of the secret pleasure of going to restaurants where you know the chef and/or servers (i.e. not our restaurants, but those of our friends) is that inevitably when you have made the painful dessert choice in front of the waiter, the kitchen sends out both anyway!

  2. I love Odeon even though it is limited for a vegetarian. It is just great to go to one place in my constantly changing neighborhood of TriBeCa that has been there forever and is consistently great food and great service. You have to try my all time favorite NY restaurant Pepolino. They have an amazing Italian cheesecake I forgot what it's called but it is very different from the American, lighter and different texture...