Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's 10pm on Wednesday and I have just finished typing in the last of the edits.  I still have a list of three 'bits' and two elliptical phrases on notecards that need to be written and integrated, plus a couple of stray paragraphs in an outtake file that I want to keep but don't have a place for.  Can't do any more work tonight (need to get the apartment ready for the catsitter and also pack), but should be in Cayman by lunchtime tomorrow and will trust that Thursday afternoon/later evening and Friday daytime give me sufficient time to write and integrate these last bits and then perform a final copy-edit and proof.  It is going out by the end of the day on Friday come hell or high water, a promise one should be cautious about making on an island at sea level....

Taught my last class of the semester today.  The final Clarissa seminar on Monday was a treat; rather sad to see that one end!  Am bringing more work with me on this trip than I had ideally hoped: in addition to the novel stuff, I have time-sensitive school things (2 MA essays to comment on, plus final set of assignments from lecture students that will need at least brief emailed comments if not full marking), a book review to write for Monday and the stack of Austen novels I want to reread in preparation for an essay I owe for a forthcoming Blackwell Companion to English Literature (due date of May 15).  However I say with a combination of guilt and glee that if I'd stayed in town, there are three work-related parties I would have had to attend, and another party I probably would have felt I couldn't avoid, and really I will much prefer quiet time working, so that is fine!  Not a holiday, in short, just a very pleasant temporary removal.

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  1. Happy travels, Jenny! Try to relax a bit, okay?