Friday, March 01, 2013

A most lovely present

I have been feeling physically rather low due to this cold - exercise deprivation is bad for the morale! - only it was a week with lots of good news concerning students and even my own fortunes (a work promotion that I will report here once it has cleared the necessary layers of bureaucracy), and now I have just received the best present EVER in the mail - a painting of my ideal bookshelf, a token of thanks from A. and O. for post-Sandy hospitality. This is amazing! I just laid it flat across the scanner to give you the impression, but it doesn't do justice to its lovely proportions. Click for a bigger bookshelf.


  1. clarissa! hollinghurst!

  2. It is an excellent bookshelf! (Sorry to hear about cold; I have been sniffling ominously for a month but have so far avoided it, no doubt thanks to generous lime consumption.)

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