Thursday, March 07, 2013


Book cakes. (Via.)

NB I am keen on these book cakes, only I wish not so many of them featured fondant! It is usefully sculptural, but it is not deliciously edible - the best-looking and -tasting wedding cake I ever ate was at my friend Peter and Michelle's wedding in New Haven, it was decorated like a piece of Wedgewood porcelain, with blue fondant and white decoration, but underneath the fondant was a whole other layer of delicious vanilla buttercream (the cake was vanilla with raspberry filling), so that the beautiful exterior layer could be discarded without penalty.

On an associatively related note, I often use a meditation DVD that is extremely useful, in that it features different recordings of different sorts of guided meditation at varying lengths, only marred by the fact that the speaker has one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard! There is a "hearing meditation" section in a number of them, and my attention is always snagged when he says the phrase "the faculty of audibility - hearing meditation." I do not think audibility is the correct word - it is a good example of unwanted elegant variation!

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  1. You only think that is the best wedding cake you ever ate because you were not at my wedding: chocolate cheesecake (tiered layers, of course) decorated with strawberries, utterly beautiful and delicious, not a smidgen of fondant. In fact, my only wedding regret is that I only got one bite of it - the one S fed to me ceremoniously after the cutting. Somehow after that I got swept up again in being the bride and all of a sudden the cake was gone.