Thursday, March 26, 2020

Comfort reading for day 8

I forgot to put this in my diary post, but I think that my next favorite comfort-read author is Diana Wynne Jones. Some of her books for younger children are very good reads (the Chrestomanci Chronicles are superb - Witch Week is my favorite - and would work well to read to the under-10 crowd). But my three absolute favorites are really written more for adults: which is to say, Howl's Moving Castle, Fire and Hemlock and (maybe my favorite of all - rec #2 for the week of comfort reading recommendations) Deep Secret.


  1. Fire & Hemlock is one of my all time favs - I have 2 copies and reread it every couple of years.

  2. Lemme gonna tella youse summore
    without d'New Joisey accent, kapiche?