Friday, September 14, 2007


I am on a minor mission to unite two of my obsessions, one longstanding and one more recent, by getting to try a pair of the swim fins invented by Benjamin Franklin. I think this would make a great essay--I really want to write something good about swimming, and starting out by going to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and checking these out would be good, I think. But I want to get to try them in a real pool!

(Strictly speaking, as far as I can tell, these are what we would call swim paddles rather than fins...)

(I had a great swim workout this morning by the way, quite inspiring...)

Two further triathlon-related things:

1. I read the most delightful book the other day, Roman Mica's My Training Starts Tomorrow: The Everyman's Guide to Ironfit Swimming, Cycling and Running. It is at once quite hilarious and full of true and useful things, highly recommended if you're at all interested in this stuff... (Roman blogs at EverymanTri. And thanks to Wendy for quite rightly telling me I had to read this book!)

2. I've been of two minds about this, but I took the plunge (as it were) and set up a triathlon-related blog of my own. I so much like the way this blog works as a way of me keeping track of what I'm reading and thinking about, I decided it was a pity not to try it out for the training thing also. It will mostly just be brief posts about workouts, really only of interest I think if you're also training for something--I'll continue to write here about fitness-related things, and I will cross-link as seems appropriate (i.e. if I do a race report here I'll link to it from that one, and if I end up having deep musings about education and improvement over there I'll link to it here).

(Now I have to figure out how to change the blog template so that I can have links in the sidebar! Arghhh...)


  1. I use the blogger "Feed" page element to link from my main blog's side bar to the five most recent posts in my training blog and vice versa.

  2. We can blame Ben Franklin for paddles??? Who knew??

    (I'm glad you enjoyed Roman's book.)