Wednesday, September 12, 2007

'Oh God, no more elves'

At the TLS, Jon Barnes reviews Diana Pavlac Glyer's rather irresistible-sounding academic book The Company They Keep: C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien as Writers in the Community. Some interesting thoughts about draft endings (shades of Harry Potter!) and the dynamic of the group known as the Inklings:
Tolkien and Lewis formed the spine of the Inklings, regularly convening to read and discuss one another’s work in Lewis’s rooms at Magdalen College. There were nineteen members in all, and Glyer excels at depicting their world, with its petty rivalries, joshing honesty (“he is ugly as a chimpanzee”, wrote Lewis of fellow Inkling Charles Williams), its wit and learning and championship of scholarship for its own sake. The Inklings were often supportive and sympathetic (“the inexhaustible fertility of the man’s imagination amazes me”, wrote Lewis in 1949 on receipt of another instalment of The Lord of the Rings), but were capable of ferocious criticism if it was felt that a member had done anything less than his best (“You can do better than that. Better Tolkien, please!”). Tempers must surely have become frayed at times – as Tolkien became unyieldingly critical of Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia (“about as bad as can be”) or as the English don Hugo Dyson met the latest bulletin from Middle Earth by (according to Tolkien’s son Christopher) “lying on the couch, and lolling and shouting and saying, ‘Oh God, no more Elves’”.


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  2. Apparently A.N. Wilson in his Tolkien biogrpahy reports Dyson's intervention as the rather earthier "Oh no! Not another fucking elf!"

    (I deleted my first attempt at a comment as I reported the interlocutor as Tyson rather than Dyson. Maybe it is easier to imagine Iron Mike saying it.)

  3. Yes, rather more plausible I suppose...