Saturday, September 22, 2007

She buys frocks

Two great links via thoughtful friends:

Dwight Garner interviews the miraculous Jenny Diski at the New York Times blog Papercuts (this interview also includes the absolutely lovely phrases cake annex--cake annex!--and plain elegant).


(Links courtesy of Carrie--who also drew my attention recently, and tantalizingly, to a delicious-sounding bacon chocolate bar that I am actually tempted to try--and Amy respectively.)

Further thoughts:

I think I need to start reading the sports section more regularly. I read an absolutely delightful young-adult novel last night, Chris Crutcher's Deadline--it is very inspiringly about football among other things, only I could not really understand those parts properly at all! However I am in favor of expert knowledge in fiction, so the fact that I can't visualize it does not seem an insurmountable problem...

I am doing the remarkably unusual thing of taking the whole weekend off from work (on the grounds of mental health I'm afraid, and physical health too I suppose). I had an absolutely delightful long run and a very good swimming lesson. Tomorrow I will have a long ride on the trainer and then go to see Hamlet. Mmmm, good combination of activities...

What I will do now is finish reading Kathleen Duey's excellent Skin Hunger and hope that a long night of sleep will dispel the inevitable back-to-school ailment that seems to be settling into the lung area...


  1. And I quite liked Deadline as well! Though I got most of the football references, but I was a sports fiend once upon a time.