Monday, February 16, 2009


Correct 'alternateness' can involve making things up or finding obscure 'true' things: the Dewar bulb is what Sophie and Mikael have instead of a Thermos when they drink tea en route from Helsingborg to Stockholm!


  1. Amazingly, the "dewar" crossed my eyes twice in one week. This is from the NYT science section of the other day, which I just got around to reading:

    A large thermos-like container called a dewar contained 645 gallons of liquid helium to be cooled to within two degrees of absolute zero. The helium held the niobium coating at superconducting temperatures, so the metal could track the deviations in the gyros’ spin axis.

    Also, I wonder if the brand name was changed to Thermos because of Dewar's scotch...