Friday, February 27, 2009

A thousand words

It goes against the grain with me to say it, but sometimes the picture really does get the point across more effectively...

(I think I am almost the only person in the world who still uses Pine - now Alpine - as my main e-mail program. I love it - it makes the keyboard feel typewriterly and like my utterly perfect writerly prosthesis - no interference, minimal interface of any kind - and fast!)

Symptomatic of the stress and chaos of the last few years was a disastrous accumulation of e-mails in my inbox.

It has dawned on me over the last few weeks, though, that there are honestly only a couple things I really genuinely still need to sort out to make life pretty much exactly as I want it to be.

(Well, there always are taxes, and various things of that sort - and library books that need renewing! - but this we cannot really do anything about other than respond as new demands arise...)

One of these two things is my new office in Philosophy Hall - it is still largely unpacked, and there are books and papers in boxes from pretty much every stage of my life, with some major sorting and organizing needed. (But help is on the way!)

The other was the e-mail inbox.

This morning there were 40,000 messages in it, give or take.

Now there are NONE!


  1. I'm now sorely tempted to send you an email. That box surely can't stay empty for long! (But well done getting it cleaned up.)

  2. Wendy writes that, surely expecting that you have set Blogger to e-mail comments to you - she's tricksy!

    Yes, excellent clean-up!

  3. Wow! I'm feeling inspired by your example.