Sunday, January 03, 2010

"We're really circumspect"

My favorite thing about the "Lunch with the FT" feature is seeing how each particular interviewer integrates discussion of the food with interviewee profiling, and I would say that William Leith does a very good and funny job interviewing Susie Orbach (FT site registration required):
“Take Rankin. He’s a fantastic photographer. He’s shot women of different sizes, and they look spectacular. They have glamour, they have pizzazz, they have that sense of, ‘Oh, that’s me!’ He’s taken pictures of people who were paraplegic who were very very stylish. So art directors are geniuses. And something happens in the visual cortex. What these art directors do affects us, and goes into us.”

Something is happening in my visual cortex. It is the waiter. We need to order, and quickly. Time is rushing by. Orbach orders a soup of Jerusalem artichokes to start – and another starter, a plate of scallops. No main course. She also orders a green salad. I go for Dorset crab, followed by halibut on a bed of vegetables, and a side order of dauphinoise potatoes.


  1. Where can I see all those pictures.


  2. Yeah, I often think that it'd sometimes be fun to see the other side of the interview and to just find out about people and how they live. But I guess that would become more of a doco than an interview!

  3. William Leith is a great interviewer. The discussion of food on top of that is just gravy.