Thursday, March 03, 2005

I am most startled

and tickled to learn from this interesting survey of 100 authors' favorite literary characters that China Mieville's favorite is Jane Eyre! That I would not have guessed....

(I prefer Lucy Snowe in Villette.)

I have too many favorites to decide, but they would include Emma and David Copperfield. Also Moll Flanders of course. I love the first-person narrators of Rebecca West's The Fountain Overflows, James Baldwin's Just Above My Head, Richard Powers' The Time of Our Singing. I love Lyra in Philip Pullman's books and Sophie in Diana Wynne Jones's Howl's Moving Castle. I love all of Ken Bruen's narrators but especially the protagonist of The Hackman Blues. And Robin McKinley's Sunshine must also be counted...

Link via the excellent Blog of a Bookslut.

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  1. That's the most interesting 100 list I've seen in a long time. Quite surprised to see some ommissions though. Where is Raskolnikov? He's mine.