Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I raised my morale last night

by reading Reed Farrell Coleman's Walking the Perfect Square, the first Moe Prager novel. It's excellent--this guy is such a good writer, he makes it look easy and understated but it's really great. Good settings, good characters, excellent prose style. (Why is my vocabulary so impoverished on this blog? Sometimes I look back with horror and see I've used the word "great" five or six times in as many sentences... Like checking the boxes on the letter of recommendation forms...)

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  1. Jenny,

    I love Moe, or is it Reed? Yeah, its Reed. When he was signing out here in Los Angeles a few weeks ago he told me that he rereads the previous days writing before starting the day's new writing. No real outlines but has it sort of worked out ahead of time.

    I have pics on my blog.