Thursday, March 03, 2005

I just saw

a really good play, After Ashley at the Vineyard. It is excellent! Very, very funny--excellent writing--quite moving too. Kieran Culkin is startlingly good. And Dana Eskelson, who plays his mother, is superb. Definitely well worth seeing.

I've just had a very good 36 hours, after a particularly dreary stretch over the weekend. I will post more details once it's worked out, but it sounds as if I've got fellowship funding for next year, which will let me finish my new academic book. And I had a great meeting with my agent--there's one more (biggish? medium? not too bad, anyway) thing she wants me to do, but I think I can take care of it over spring break & get the revised manuscript back to her by the end of the month. So things look much rosier than they did a few days ago. And I've got this talk tomorrow, which should be fun.

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