Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I read an unexpectedly 9/11 novel

last night, Necklace of Kisses by Francesca Lia Block (and do click on that link and check out her author photo, it is really beautiful in a demented and anorexic kind of way). I like these Weetzie Bat books (and the bumper omnibus is definitely a good deal if you like this kind of thing, which I do--I always read the first few pages thinking "god, this is kind of great but slightly whimsical and narcissistic, why am I reading it?" and then a few pages later I'm completely caught up in it). Block is a very good writer in a completely non-writerly way; you feel like she could be producing weird artworks (polaroids of Chanel suits and punk-rock album covers glued onto clear plastic raincoats, say, or something equally punk-couture-surreal) but it happens that they come out in the form of novels instead.


  1. Hi Jenny

    The Weetzie Bat books are wonderful! Too poetic for teenagers? They were unlike anything else I read when I was've made me think I should get myself another copy soon...

  2. Yeah, there's something curiously appealing about them. Definitely get another copy! But even more so, you must read Holly Black's books! They have a certain amount in common with the Weetzie Bat ones but are somehow much more my particular kind of thing. VALIANT is simply superb.