Monday, July 04, 2005

One more

I sternly swore I was not going to seek out any more of those Jack Reacher novels, but I was in the office this afternoon and my friend M. (the other person guaranteed to be hanging out in Philosophy 602 over the holiday weekend--sorry for any violation of privacy here, but it's an ill-kept secret, I think) miraculously came up with Die Trying, #2 in Lee Child's amazing series, out of his massive and excellent crime fiction collection. So I spent the afternoon reading it instead of doing what I should have been (real work, plus tracking down the mysteriously misplaced copy of this that I need to write my next chapter. BTW Amazon's "significantly improbable phrases" function is largely uninteresting, but "palmated elk" really is a good one...) Basically I am so enthralled right now by these books that I don't think I can read any other crime fiction for days to come. I want to be Jack Reacher!

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