Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just read

a really disturbing (in a good way) young-adult vampire novel by M. T. Anderson, Thirsty. I was particularly taken aback by the ending--it definitely wasn't what I was expecting.

I'll also note that Thirsty has one of the funniest Amazon customer reviews I've seen for a long time. It's got the heading "thirsty for lies"--I'm 95% sure it's a joke, but there's a slim chance it's for real:

This book is good but it has many lies. First,people just dont TURN into vampires, they have to be blooded. Second, they CAN tell who other vampires are in a crowd, but not by their shadows, they have an aura (a scent a vampire gives off).

This book was very missleading. If you want a book that is true, I would strongly recommend a different book. If you are looking for a fairy tale, this would be your book.

So there!

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