Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The conquest of Peru

Michael Caines has an interesting piece in the TLS about Richard Brinsley Sheridan's "Pizarro" (recently performed in a staged reading by the National Theatre). It's pretty demented, but I teach that play in my eighteenth-century drama course (along with some of Burke's speeches in the impeachment of the governor-general of the East India Company, and Artaud on the theater of conquest, and Sara Suleri's chapter on Burke and Sheridan from The Rhetoric of English India). It's one of the clearest instances I can think of concerning changing fashions in eighteenth-century studies: the 1998 Oxford World's Classics edition of Sheridan, in other respects very good, doesn't include Pizarro. I bet the next one will....

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  1. I loved that section of the eighteenth-century drama class. The speeches from Hastings trial work so well with Sheridan's Pizarro. Linda Colley has a review of Nicholas Dirks' The Scandal of Empire up at the Nation's web site.