Sunday, July 09, 2006

Regular readers

will know that I find it ridiculously easy to love a very large number of books and writers; but on a shortish list of writers I particularly, particularly love is Eva Ibbotson, and I have just read a truly delightful little piece she has written for the Guardian about loving public libraries--seriously, it is like something out of one of her novels, how lovely!


  1. Thanks, Jenny: we love Eva Ibbotsen in our family (but don't read the Guardian, so good to have the link).
    At the girls' primary school, they are given a book when they leave year 6. Cathy's was "Journey to the River Sea" and both she and Jenny have adored EI ever since.

    Have you seen Tim Coates's Good Library Blog? It is almost too unbearable to read but the man is fantastic.
    All my best

  2. What a wonderful story! Thanks for the link.

  3. That is a completely charming story. Thank you, Jenny. By the way, I have been meaning to mention that I went and found a Lee Childs Jack Reacher novel (ECHO BURNING) at the library, entirely because of your urging, and did not dislike it as much as I'd predicted I would. There was only a little too much finicky description of things that maybe you don't need to know, and I did like the landscape and the mix of old-fashioned mystery with thriller elements (though I don't really read thrillers, and maybe they all do that). I did not fall in love with Reacher, though.

  4. Well, under the circumstances I will take that as a hearty endorsement! Glad you didn't hate it, at any rate.

  5. Jenny, What a lovely essay. Thank you for pointing the way to it. Best, BL

  6. Hi Jenny! I was browsing through for Eva Ibbotson's books when I stumbled onto your blog. I have become a huge fan of Eva Ibbotson of late. Please do write about her if you can.

    Looking forward to your new "Dynamite" of a book! - AFJ