Monday, July 17, 2006

This whole EggFusion thing

is absolutely enchanting! Here's David Joachim on egg advertising at the NYT:

EggFusion, which was founded in 2001, started production last year with one egg company, Radlo Foods, which has since produced 30 million Born Free brand farm-raised eggs with etching. In May, EggFusion landed its first large grocery chain, A.& P., which will use the imprints on 400,000 America's Choice conventional eggs sold each day in A.& P., Waldbaum's, Food Emporium and Super Fresh stores from Connecticut to Maryland. Mr. Parker, whose family runs a chicken farm in North Carolina, knew that the way to get egg producers to cooperate was to make it worth their while. His answer was advertising on eggs.

I hope that publishers start advertising on eggs as well, imagine how charming it would be to get a dozen eggs emblazoned with the name of, oh, the new Jack Reacher novel....

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