Sunday, September 16, 2007

In a more-hodgepodgish-than-ever move

I'm taking a break from regular programming to make an appeal about some kittens.

I had a lovely side trip last night en route to my friend A.'s, where I had arranged to watch the America's Most Wanted episode about the murder of our friend Helen Hill. Some months ago I promised A. I would obtain a kitten for her little boy, but in practice there are many obstacles to obtaining kittens and though I had several leads (thanks, Ed and Dizzyheads!) nothing panned out right away. But as of a month and a half ago, I did find a lead on some kittens who just needed a bit more growing-up time, and their rescuer e-mailed me Friday to say he thought they were ready to go.

Well, it was clear that no single errand in the whole world could more thoroughly offset the bleakness of the evening's main entertainment, so I took the subway out to Bed-Stuy and met the most lovely little family of kittens and chose one to take with me. And kittens are really the best thing in the world, I'm smiling just thinking about it now!

They rescued the mother and her litter of three from their back yard, she had clearly been domesticated before as she took very readily to life indoors; the kittens have been living in a small bathroom upstairs and are all clearly going to be great pets. They're still a little shy and skittish, but very interested in people and very healthy, shots up to date and spayed, etc. I suppose they're about five months old.

The two remaining kittens are both girls, and they need homes. If you might be interested, drop me an e-mail at jmd204 at columbia dot edu and I'll forward it to the kittens' rescuer. They really are quite lovely, needless to say! From top to bottom: the two girls and the boy (I think!)...

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  1. Well done, you kitten/family matchmaker!

    Hope this on-line appeal works too.