Saturday, September 01, 2007

Social networking

Pagan Kennedy has a rather funny piece in the Times about Literary Myspace...

Hmmm--I set up a Myspace page in June in a flurry of forthcoming-book-related activity, only I cannot quite figure out how to get anything interesting up there! I must make it my fall-semester procrastination technique--but I am totally old-school on this, or perhaps it's just a temperamental thing, I am the kind of person who figures things out by reading instructions (preferably a hefty tome of 'em, I like instruction manuals) rather than by tinkering! I wonder if there's a book out there that will explain it to me? Because my new book's a young-adult novel, it seems to me (but perhaps I am already out of date?!?) that Myspace is essential...

(The other device that is currently slightly beyond me, also by virtue of having come with no instructions--I think that when they install something like this on your bike at the bike store they think it's pretty much idiot-proof and that nobody reads instructions anyway--is the computer on my bike...)

(ED. I have just downloaded the instruction manual from the website! Exciting... I am afraid I have not been cycling at all, I had a realization last week that I temporarily needed all of my willpower for [1] book-finishing [2] running [3] swimming [4] working out at the gym and needed to knock [1] off the list before I could make a small will-power-sized space for the bike--next weekend, though...)

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  1. It might already be time to use Facebook instead of Myspace. Depends how young the young adults are.