Friday, October 12, 2007

An accidental romance

Helen Hill's murder, as well as the death of musician Dinerral Shavers, will be investigated tomorrow night at 10pm on 48 Hours Mystery. It's a story about the collapse of New Orleans' infrastructure and the breakdown of the city's criminal justice system--last year in New Orleans 162 people were killed, arrests were made in a third of the cases but to date there's only been one conviction...

Oh, but the most magical thing--they've got Helen's film "Tunnel of Love" as a video link on the website! Do please go and watch it, it is the funniest and most romantic little movie you will ever see, I have just accidentally made myself weep I'm afraid...

(Helen's husband Paul is the one singing on the soundtrack--that is a good song. Also, unless I am dramatically misremembering, I believe the fairground cotton-candy spinner was in reality a miniature Bundt cake pan...)

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