Sunday, October 07, 2007

Journalistic cliche

I clicked on this NYT story about Hamburg because (though I've never been there) I'm kind of in love with that city--it's part of the New Hanseatic League of my novel, and it's got that lovely northern watery feel that made me fall so hard for Tallinn and Stockholm.

(And then recently I watched the most amazing thing online, the elite men's race in the world triathlon championships--it all takes place against the extraordinarily beautiful city backdrops--and unbeknownst to me, since it was pretty much the first one I ever watched, the finish of the elite men's race was a once-in-a-lifetime amazingly exciting thing, go and watch it if you want to see what I'm saying...)

But I was caught short by an annoying sentence at the end of the first paragraph:

Where else but this high-low metropolis can you window-shop for Cartier diamond necklaces during the day and slum it with punk rockers at night?


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  1. My sister called my attention to the live streaming on the day.

    That was one of the greatest Oly finishes EVAR.