Sunday, October 07, 2007


(Sport-related, but perhaps of mild general interest...)
My Amazon search for Honey Stinger energy gels (I have been using Clif Shot Blocks and like 'em very much for training, but they take an awful lot of chewing to get down in a race situation, and I don't like the regular gels because they're unnaturally salty, it's just not right...) yielded a farfetched "Sexy Honey Bee" outfit!
Hmmm, I do not think I will be ordering that one--but I like the miscellaneous nature of the cross-category Amazon search...

(Here are some other Halloween options from the same company, if you're looking for a costume...)


  1. Bee? Her features look WASPy to me. Further, the horizontal stripes make her look wasp-waisted.

  2. I will personally go to Washington, D. C. and run across the White House lawn during the annual Thanksgiving turkey-pardoning ceremony wearing nothing but Day-Glo body paint, using my last seconds before I am tasered to kiss George W. Bush on the lips, if you order the bee costume and post a picture of yourself in it. I'm just sayin'.