Sunday, April 06, 2008

A donkey 'MoT'

Donkey-related bizarrerie via Nico:
Donkeys, which were first brought to Britain to toil down mines and can live to the age of 50, are a common sight in Blackpool, plodding along the beach through sun and rain. During a summer season they can take tens of thousands of children on rides at £2 a go.

Despite their indentured servitude, donkeys are actually very intelligent. They have an incredible memory, recognising places and other donkeys from 25 years ago. They were first domesticated around 4,500 years ago and were a status symbol. But unlike horses, they do not have natural waterproof coats so they must have access to shelter.

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  1. I think donkeys are adorable. I had no idea about their coats not being waterproof--very interesting. In Spanish the word "burro" is unfortunately a common insult and synonym of "stupid." Not surprising, I guess, given the implications that servitude has in some Spanish-speaking cultures. Although now that I think of it, it's an interesting thing that animals that serve like the donkey have become the receptacle for negative attitudes towards human servitude.