Saturday, April 12, 2008


From Martin Gayford's Telegraph article on artists' books published by Ivory Press: "Cai Guo-Qiang's Danger Book: Suicide Fireworks contains drawings in gunpowder paste. A string dangles from the spine, attached to concealed matches. Pull it, and the whole thing ignites."

(I am going to regret it if I do not get over to the Guggenheim to see the exhibit of his work before it closes at the end of May.)


  1. Lord, yes, you must see it. Cai's a virtuoso of the explosive, without a doubt.

  2. Definitely make time to see it! It's not that long at least I enjoyed it enough that it did not seem at all long. I am sure you will enjoy the many videos of explosions. He made this series of explosive installations as well, in random parts of the world, where he experimented with different ways of creating elaborate explosions in wide open landscapes (my vocabulary is not the best to describe these scenes, evidently), and the drawings are fantastic. Remember the G opens until 8pm on Fridays.