Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pay packets

Lee Child's thoughts on personal finance, at the Times. (Thanks to Sarah for the link.)

I must confess that Lee Child is on my very short list of authors whose new novels I will buy in hardcover because I cannot delay the gratification of reading them. Nothing to Lose isn't out here till June 3, but came out in the UK in March. Hmmm, might be that I cannot wait...


  1. It was all over the place in the UK. Advertised on the Tube, on buses, stacked in front windows.

  2. I have a galley with your name on it if you like!

  3. Unfortunately it was not very good, compared with the one before. It was not believable. I usually love the Jack Reacher books but this one -- I was bored by it after the first (good) 100 pages or so.