Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cheap laughs...

... because we cannot always be high-minded round here!

At the Guardian, John Crace 'digests' Anne de Courcy's biography Snowdon:
Tony moved in a fast set in the 50s, and his animal magnetism made him irresistible to both sexes. I wouldn't want to be so vulgar as to say categorically that he might have been a homosexualist but I'm happy to infer that his relationship with the gloriously effete Jeremy Fry might have strayed beyond the bounds of normal aristocratic platonic idealism. And if it did, it was far removed from the vile buggery of the lower orders.

Women also threw themselves at Tony's perfectly chiselled body, and his sense of noblesse oblige led him into a lifelong string of affairs, one of which continues to this day. In order not to cause any distress to the living, I have chosen not to reveal this woman's name, though once she has croaked I will be happy to expose her in the Mail.

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